Spring 2019: Speaker Schedule

> March 13, 2019

Speaker: Charles J. Dimitroff, Associate Professor of Dermatology, Brigham and Women's Hospital/

Harvard Medical School

Title: Breaking the glycocode of B cells unveils a novel immunoregulatory checkpoint

> April 2, 2019

Speaker: Michael Tiemeyer, Associate Director Complex Carbohydrate Research Center,

University of Georgia

Title: Glycans, Glycomes, and the Glycobiology of Neural Development and Dysfunction

> May 16, 2019

Speaker: Karen Allen, Professor of Chemistry, Boston University

Title: Evolution of Protein Scaffolds for Phosphoryl and Phosphoglycosyl Group Transfer

> June 5, 2019

Speaker: Ambily Abraham, Post-doctoral Associate (Ostroff's Lab), University of Massachusetts Medical School

Title: Sweet shells for targeted vaccine antigen and adjuvant delivery