The Boston Glycobiology Discussion Group was formed in 1994 as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. For over two decades, the Boston Glycobiology Discussion Group (BGDG) has brought together academic researchers and industry representatives that share a common interest in glycobiology, glycoanalytics and glycoinformatics. We are a group of over 200 researchers and industry representatives in the Boston metropolitan area with partners at Boston’s prominent research institutions and biotechnology companies. We meet on a monthly basis during the academic year to network, share a meal, listen to a guest speaker present state-of-the-art research related to glycobiology, and engage in a friendly discussion of the speaker’s research.

BGDG comprises of a core board that oversees the proceedings of the group and an industrial advisory board. BGDG officers are elected for two years by a voting process and are responsible for the group's day-to-day activities.

BGDG leadership:


Prof. Catherine E. Costello (Boston University School of Medicine)

Prof. Joseph Zaia (Boston University School of Medicine)

Prof. Richard D. Cummings (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School)

Prof. David S. Newburg (Boston College)

Prof. Gherman Wiederschain (Boston College)

BGDG officers:

President: Manveen Sethi (Boston University School of Medicine)

Vice-president: Christina Woo (Harvard University)

Treasurer: Joseph Zaia (Boston University School of Medicine)

Secretary: Jia Niu (Boston College)

Member-at-large: John Haserick (Glyde Bio, Inc.)

Member-at-large: Maissa Gaye (Waters)

Member-at-large: Sayantani Chatterjee (Boston University School of Medicine)