Fall 2019: Speaker Schedule

> September 24, 2019

Speaker: Matt Shoulders, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Title: The Unfolded Protein Response, XBP1s, and the Molecular Architecture of the N​-Glycome

> October 16, 2019 (6-8 PM)

Speaker: John Samuelson, Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Title: The glycobiology of the cyst wall of the eye pathogen Acanthamoeba castellanii

> November 14, 2019 (6-8 PM)

Speaker: Susan Bellis, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Title: ST6Gal-I sialyltransferase promotes tumor progression through its role in imparting cancer

stem cell characteristics

> December 10, 2019 (6-8 PM)

Speaker: Joseph Contessa, Yale School of Medicine

Title: uN-linked Glycosylation: genes and small molecules

> January 22, 2020 (6-8 PM)

Speaker: Alison Wendlandt, MIT

Title: Site-selective reactions for the synthesis of rare sugars

> February 19, 2020 (6-8 PM)

Speaker: Robert Anthony, MGH/Harvard

Title: Sialic Acid: Master Regulator of Antibody Function