Fall 2018: Speaker Schedule

> September 13, 2018

Speaker: Reid Gilmore, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Title: Cooperation between the STT3A and STT3B oligosaccharyltransferases to maximize N-glycosylation efficiency

> October 16, 2018 (6-8 PM)

Speaker: Haopeng Xiao, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School

Title: Deciphering Protein Glycosylation through Novel MS-based Proteomic Strategies

> November 13, 2018 (6-8 PM)

Speaker: Sayaka Masuko, Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT

Title: Heparan sulfate roles in embryonic stem cells development

> December 11, 2018 (6-8 PM)

Speaker: Pablo Argueso, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Schepens Eye Research Inst. of Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Title: Lectin-glycan interactions in mucosal barrier function

> January 24, 2019 (6-8 PM)

Speaker: Isaac Krauss, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Brandeis University

Title: Evolved multivalent carbohydrate presentations in HIV vaccine design

> February 21, 2019 (6-8 PM)

Speaker: Pyong Woo Park, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Boston Children's Hospital

Title: Syndecan Interactions in Health and Disease